Henny Kortenoeven

I was born 1955 in Amsterdam, Holland. I was raised in a traditional self-employed family. Although raised conservatively with the aim to get a 'normal' job I developed a strong passion for sketching and drawing and it was my dream to become a book illustrator.

From 1970 until 1974 I followed the 4 year education model drawing at 'Academie de Schans' in Amsterdam but couldn't find a job in this direction. Through the years I occupied myself regularly with sketching and drawing and designing company logo's and birth and marriage announcement cards. Nevertheless it took me until 1988 before I seriously continued my creative activities. From 1988 until 1994 I took lessons in drawing and sculpting with Karel Gomes and lessons in model drawing with Arie Schippers. During that period I developed myself in several directions. Since 1994 I work independent and self-employed. In that year I received my first assignment.

Since 2000 I live and work in Sweden a major part of the year and I occupy myself fulltime with sculpting, drawing and painting. In Sweden I find the tranquillity and inspiration that I need to enable myself to transfer the knowledge and experience which I gathered throughout the years into art. Sketches, paintings and sculptures that reflect the atmosphere and harmony of the things I see, feel and experience.


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